New details of alleged rape incident involving one of the stars of the English Premier League

The English newspaper The Sun has revealed new details of the alleged rape of the star of the English Premier League.

The newspaper reported that an international English Premier League footballer who plays for a club in north London has been arrested on suspicion of raping a woman in her twenties.

The newspaper indicated that the player involved in the rape was asleep when six police cars arrived at his palace to arrest him at 3am after a woman accused him of rape while on holiday in the Mediterranean last month and showed police photos bruises on her body after the alleged rape.

The alleged victim fled the five-star resort and returned home to her friends and family.

The international star in his early twenties, who is considered one of his best players in the Premier League, was handcuffed and arrested on Monday and questioned by police for about 3 hours.

The player, still in custody, had already started training to prepare for next season and was due to go on a pre-season tour with his club.

The player was supposed to play at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but his arrest came as a big shock to his club.

Source: sun

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