New bill proposed by opponents of retirement age increase in France

Opponents of French President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to reform the pension system are organizing protests and constitutional formations to stop it, but to no avail, and now they are seeking to take the step represented by the new bill to abolish it.

But Macron’s center party is trying to get ahead of the opposition, whose proposal has little chance of success.

On Thursday, French lawmakers are debating a bill put forward by the opposition to bring back the retirement age to 62, which was raised to 64 by Macron’s unpopular amendments.

Lawmakers from the centrist opposition group LEOTT proposed the text of the proposed law with support from the left and the far right.

Macron’s center party does not have a majority in the National Assembly, but has teamed up with some Republican lawmakers to counter opposition efforts.

As a result, the main article on the retirement age was excluded from the bill when it was considered by the committee on social issues last week.

Opposition MPs are planning to restore the previous retirement age with an amendment on Thursday. Despite this, National Assembly Speaker Yael Bronn-Bive, a member of Macron’s party, declared it unconstitutional because there were no funds to cover the costs.

Opposition MPs may look for other options during a heated debate expected on Thursday.

Source: AP

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