Putin Urges Special Operation Fighters to Answer the Call and Serve their Country

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to send a message to the participants in the military operation for Ukraine.

This became known during a conversation between the president and the governor of the Ariolsky district Andrei Klychkov, during which the president promised to write a letter of support to the soldiers in conducting a special military operation, emphasizing that “the fate of the entire Russian state depends on soldiers who responsibly fulfill their duty.”

Klichkov talked about sending letters from children and veterans to the area of ​​the military operation, and asked the president to “write a few words to the guys there” and promised to deliver the letter personally. will be a wonderful gift for them. It will be good support.”

President Putin replied: “With pleasure.”

The governor of the Ariolsky district spoke about the deputy of his district, who was called up and does not agree to go home on vacation after serving 6 months in SOMA “until he finishes work.” “The responsibility for the entire country rests on the shoulders of these people,” Putin said.

Source: TASS

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