Media in Hebrew: Israelis, mostly women, acquitted "client" Iranian

Jewish Channel 11 reported that “an Iranian agent contacted about 20 Israelis, most of them women, in a case that was solved six months ago.”

A TV report revealed that “the women were invited to the intelligence headquarters, where they were interrogated and warned, without being charged,” as a source familiar with the case indicated that “these women were not involved in espionage activities.” work against the backdrop of exposing an Iranian agent before they complete any work.”

According to Hebrew media, “Israel’s General Security Service (Shin Bet) made it possible earlier this year to reveal Israeli intelligence’s success in capturing those involved in spying operations for Iran and in thwarting efforts to recruit Israeli women and assign them spy missions.” . Charges were subsequently filed against five people” and “continuous tracking and investigation of the suspects led to the seizure of evidence indicative of their involvement in communication with an Iranian agent, and a lot of evidence was collected through the investigation, indicating that espionage definitely took place, and some suspects have been charged.”

The report notes that “first communication was via Facebook by a man who posed as a Jew living in Iran named Rambod Namdar. Then communication between him and Israeli women was via WhatsApp,” the report said. At his request, during video calls, he refrained from showing his face, saying that the camera he had was broken.

Source: “I24”

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