Matvienko: Attack on Kakhovskaya station by Ukrainians constitutes terrorism and a violation of international law.

Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko said that the Ukrainian attack on the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station is a terrorist attack and a war crime that led to a large-scale humanitarian and environmental disaster.

Matviyenko said at a meeting of the Federation Council today, Wednesday: “I want to express, on behalf of the members of the Federation Council, deep indignation and condemnation of this terrorist act directed against the infrastructure of the city. The destruction of the Kakholevskaya hydroelectric power station is a terrorist act and a terrible war crime, especially since it was pre-planned and thought out.” It has led to a serious and widespread humanitarian and environmental disaster.”

She added: “If the international community tries this time to somehow cover up this issue and reduce the degree of condemnation in the UN and other organizations, they too will commit a crime.”

And Matvienko instructed the members of the Federation Council to immediately prepare a statement “explaining the real situation” and send it to the parliaments of all countries of the world. She also described the accident as a disaster, adding that “the consequences of this will be felt for more than one generation.”

Source: TASS

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