Klopp explains why Liverpool lost to Napoli

Liverpool’s knot continued against their hosts Napoli, suffering a third successive defeat at the latter’s stadium, this time with a humiliating 1-4 record in the first matchday of the Champions League group stage.

And Liverpool manager German Jurgen Klopp believes that Napoli played well today, so he deserved another victory, unlike his team, which did not play in the same way.

“Napoli played a good game and we didn’t,” Klopp said at the post-match press conference. “That’s the first explanation for the result.”

“There was no fusion between defense and attack until Thiago was involved, I can’t remember a single situation of opposition.”

“It seems that we need to rebuild, we are missing a lot of things,” Klopp said.

“We didn’t work as a team in a match, it has nothing to do with certain people or anything like that,” he explained.

Klopp has confirmed he is responsible for his team’s loss to Napoli.

This new defeat will increase the pressure on the German manager, with Liverpool suffering locally as well, with the team sitting in seventh place in the English Premier League after 6 rounds.

Source: agencies

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