Greece asks civil servants to save energy

The Greek government announced a 10 percent reduction in public sector energy consumption this year, tied up funding compliance, and urged public employees to turn off lights and appliances when leaving their offices.

Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas said at a press conference in Athens that his country wants to reduce energy consumption in the public sector as a whole by 30% by 2030, indicating that it will provide savings advice for families in the coming days. and companies.

He stated that the government has created a digital platform to monitor public sector energy consumption and will link funding compliance to budgets, with bonuses for industries that reach demand and rebates for those that do not reach the target, noting that “we will ask everyone who works in the public sector, to ensure that their workplaces are free of useless energy… At the end of the day, when employees leave, they must ensure that their computers are turned off, as well as lights and other unused devices.

He added: “Each building used by the public sector will have an energy officer assigned to ensure that savings measures are put in place. Windows will also be left open at night to cool offices, air conditioners and heaters. subject to maintenance.”

Source: AP

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