Energy Agency: Iran has increased its uranium reserves… and is one step away from "enrichment levels"

The UN International Atomic Energy Agency said it believes Iran has increased its stockpiles of highly enriched uranium, approaching weapons-grade levels.

The agency expressed “growing concern” about Tehran’s reluctance to participate in the investigation, which has become a stumbling block in efforts to revive the Iranian nuclear deal with world powers.

The Associated Press reported that the agency told member states in its confidential quarterly report that it believes Iran has approximately 55.6 kg of enriched uranium with a purity of nearly 60%, up 12.5 kg from last May. .

Enrichment to this purity is a technical step that is only one step away from the weapon-grade enrichment level of 90 percent.

Non-proliferation experts have warned that Iran currently has enough 60 percent uranium to process it into fuel for at least one nuclear bomb.

According to the IAEA report, the total stock of enriched uranium in Iran as of the 21st of last month was 3621.3 kg, which is 365.5 kg more than in the last quarterly report published in May.

The Vienna-based agency said it was unable to verify the exact size of Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium “due to restrictions imposed by Tehran on UN inspectors last year and the withdrawal of the agency’s monitoring and surveillance equipment from facilities in Iran in June.” “

Source: “AB”

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