Iraqi-Syrian confrontation in Jordan

Today, on Monday (15:00 Moscow time), the interests of the fans of the national teams of Syria and Iraq rush to the Amman International Stadium, where their match will take place, as part of the Jordan Football Quartet friendly championship.

Both teams are aiming to make up for their losses in the first leg and achieve a moral victory that will lift their points in the monthly FIFA rankings.

Below is the starting line-up for the Iraq national team for the match against their Syrian counterpart:

Syria’s starting lineup for the match with Iraq:

It is noteworthy that the Syrian team lost their first match to their Jordanian colleague, the host of the tournament, with two unanswered goals.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi national team lost to Oman on penalties (4-5), after which they tied on a goal.

As for the final match between Jordan and Amman, it will also take place tonight at (1800 GMT) at the Amman International Stadium.

Source: RT

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