Iraq sells oil to Jordan at $6 per barrel discount

SOMO, an Iraqi oil marketing company, announced that the average price of crude oil exported to Jordan rose to more than $107 a barrel last June.

SOMO reported in statistics on its website that “total oil exports to Jordan in June amounted to 299,760 barrels,” noting that “the export rate was 10,000 barrels per day.”

The company added that “the average price of a barrel sold to Jordan was $107.70,” noting that “one month’s import value from Jordan’s oil exports was $32,284,152.”

Thus, Iraq sold one barrel of Jordanian crude oil for less than $6, compared to the official selling price announced by the Oil Ministry, which is over (113.70) dollars, according to statistics released by the ministry. , after it was sold for less than $15 than the official price during the month of May.

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