Iraq invites Russia to a friendly football match in Baghdad

A press report said the Iraqi Football Association on Saturday sent out 3 invitations to the teams of Russia, Bolivia and Uzbekistan for a friendly match against the Lions of Mesopotamia in Baghdad during the international break next March.

A source in the Iraqi federation said, according to the Kooora website, “Federations (Russia, Bolivia, Uzbekistan) have been sent invitations to meet with one of them on March 25.”

He added: “These correspondences included hosting a friendly match in the capital, Baghdad, as part of the federation’s move to accept the city’s international stadium as the venue for the official Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup. Basra International Stadium.

He continued: “The Union has sent a letter to its Russian counterpart to secure a friendly confrontation with the Lions of Mesopotamia by investing in the presence of a European team in Tehran next month.”

He concluded, “We aim to use the FIFA days to play matches at a high level after the West Asian Championship was postponed, in addition to the Thai national team’s apologies for not participating in the friendly match.”

It is reported that at the end of February 2022, FIFA and UEFA decided to exclude the Russian national team and clubs from participation in all international competitions in connection with the Russian military operation in Ukraine.


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