Beerbock is ridiculed by German citizens for his remarks "360 degrees" And doubt its effectiveness

German Twitter users commented on the statement by German Foreign Minister Analina Berbock that “Moscow is changing its policy 360 degrees”, expressing doubts about the minister’s mental capacity.

“This is not funny to me,” user CandleInTheWi14 wrote in a post with a video of Burbock’s speech on Twitter. “Stupidity is not only extremely dangerous, but also a mockery of citizens. It is incredible that such people are in leadership positions.”

Anne_sc13 noted that “Putina, according to Burbock, is on the right track, her boundless stupidity is now legendary.”

“Everyone makes mistakes,” Tewsa said. “But since Annaline is wrong, I can see the problem. This lady seems to be just too stupid for her job.”

FreshDombledore asked: “Introduction: German Foreign Minister! Federal Chancellor, how long can this woman dishonor our country?”

User Nixwisser2 joked: “It’s amazing how this lady always finds her way home in the evening.”

“The intelligence test of politicians is long overdue,” Johannsen said. “The requirements don’t have to be astronomically high. A good average will save you a lot of trouble.”

In turn, the non-partisan Bundestag MP Johanna Kottar asked who would tell Burbock that “360 degrees” is a circle and return to the same starting point, to which the MP wrote on Twitter: “This is a shame. “

Earlier, Burbock said during a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference that, in her opinion, Moscow can change “360 degrees” and make the whole world happy, like Germany, moving from neutrality to supplying weapons to Kiev.

The Minister did not take into account that a “360 degree turn” and the use of this expression in a speech means a complete turn and return to the same first point.

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