Iranian Navy Commander Introduces New Type of Drones

Iranian Navy Commander Admiral Shahram Irani announced that the army can make marches from submarines, which is a qualitative improvement and doubles the scope of operations and surveillance of submarines.

He explained that “one of the characteristics of combat and support frigates is that they were manufactured inside Iran, and even marches that may encounter a problem in operations, but may again return to the combat area”, stressing that “forces control above the arena on a territory hundreds of kilometers without it is controlled by the enemy and is considered a stronghold in maintaining the inviolability of the air and sea of ​​​​the Motherland.

And he said: “We can launch a flock of marches from several ships for a specific operation, where one march is performing reconnaissance operations, and the other is a suicide operation,” and the other march disables the enemy’s communications and even interferes with them. Hundreds, and even thousands of kilometers or more in distant waters through crossings.

He stated that “the importance of transferring marches from land to sea units and buoys lies in the fact that giant ships are dispersed over a distance of 2,000 kilometers or more, where the safety of maritime navigation and the economic nerve of Iran can be ensured.”

Source: “Mir”

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