Iran deployed about 100 aircraft and made dozens of marches in the middle of the night

Today, Monday, Iranian television announced the beginning of the initial phase of joint Iranian air defense maneuvers, covering an area of ​​about a million square kilometers.

Iranian television stated that “the maneuvers are scheduled to begin starting at midnight Tehran time in an area comprising about two-thirds of the country’s airspace, an area of ​​about one million square kilometers, with the participation of units of marching, anti-aircraft and combat aircraft of the army air force and air force and air force Corps of guards of the Islamic Revolution, as well as about two thousand. Observation post of the Air Defense Forces.

About 100 combat aircraft and dozens of drones will also take part in a simulated integrated attack on the sensitive points indicated in the maneuvers, especially on nuclear facilities in Fordow and Natanz, and other sensitive military and economic points of the country, to test the readiness of anti-aircraft systems in these centers.

Source: RT

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