Impending Threat to Egyptian Culture: Tax on Beloved National Beverage

Egyptian Finance Minister Mohamed Maait said that coffee prices will rise in the coming period after the introduction of a 10 percent tax on coffee.

During his statements on the Al-Hekaya programme, Mohamed Maait explained that the new fees and taxes approved by Parliament would bring the state around £5 billion in light of the inflation wave in the country, pointing out that no additional duties had been imposed on durable goods. household appliances and certain products such as salmon and shrimp were taxed.

Regarding charging for entertainment such as opera and foreign films, Maait indicated that he “charges 5% on opera performances and 5% on circus performances.”

Previously, Abdel Maaboud made the decision to raise carton prices to £600 as production and labor costs rise as the price of the product rises worldwide.

And the Cairo 24 website quoted a document sent by company Traders who are members of the chambers of commerce and the coffee department are being told that the price of a 50 gram package of Abd al-Maboud coffee, plain and light, has increased to a record £233 per box.

Source: Cairo 24

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