Over 1,500 climate activists detained in the Netherlands, including one who bit a policeman.

Dutch police have arrested more than 1,500 people during a demonstration organized by Extinction Rebellion in The Hague, where activists blocked part of a motorway in the city center to protest fossil fuel subsidies.

And the Dutch police reported this on Saturday, noting that these activists blocked part of the highway in the city center in the afternoon, stating in a statement that she “repeatedly asked the activists to stop moving and leave,” adding that “both were arrested. He didn’t.”

He also indicated that he used water cannons to disperse activists blocking the main road in the city and arrested “a total of 1,579 people”, most of whom were released, and “40 of them will face trial” on charges including vandalism. explaining that one of the activists “bit the policeman during the arrest.”

In turn, Anne Kerevers, 31, a doctoral student at the University of Amsterdam, told Agence France Presse: “Climate change is an ongoing crisis and we know its cause and our government still supports it and it must stop.”

Many Dutch celebrities were among the demonstrators, including Caress van Houten, best known for her role as Melisandre in the hit TV series Game of Thrones. The Dutch news agency ANB reported that she was arrested but later allowed to go home. , without specifying whether she is among those who will be judged.

Source: AFP.

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