Hungary: European Commission proposal to reduce gas consumption is unattainable

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said the European Commission’s proposal to reduce gas consumption by 15% is unfeasible.

Commenting on the European proposal, Szijjártó said: “They say that gas consumption in Europe should be reduced by 15%. Okay, but what does that mean?.. Should everyone cut their consumption by 15%? Or industrial users? Or homeowners? “.

And he continued: “Or can someone say that this means that by this percentage you need to reduce the consumption of lighting, or heating, or cooking? Or how will it be?

The Hungarian minister considered this “unattainable”.

He added: “I think that the European Commission will most likely have to look for new sources of gas and conclude new agreements, and here again the question of sanctions arises, the effectiveness of which we will have to discuss sooner or later.”

He urged the minister to think, noting that “the emergency is not in the economy of the country on which the sanctions are imposed, but on us, that is, on the side that imposed these sanctions.”

It is noteworthy that the Hungarian government has declared a state of emergency in the energy sector, which implies an increase in gas production in the country, among a number of other measures.

Source: RIA Novosti

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