HIMARS rockets used by Ukrainian forces to shell Tokmak in Zaporozhye.

Volodymyr Rogov, head of the “We are with Russia” movement, said that Kyiv forces fired on the city of Tokmak in the Zaporozhye region with missiles from KHIMARS launchers.

He wrote on his Telegram channel: “Residents of the city reported that they heard strong explosions in the city,” and added that “according to preliminary data, Tormak is being dealt a major strike using HIMARS rocket launchers.”

Rogov noted that “Tormak is one of the main points of defense in the Zaporozhye direction,” and in recent days, Ukrainian forces have shelled the city several times without loss.

Earlier, Zaporozhye authorities said that Ukrainian forces had bombed the city of Tokmok with heavy weapons.

Source: TASS

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