Ozone Shares to be Redeemed by the Nasdaq Stock Exchange Committee

The Nasdaq Hearing Committee has announced its final decision to uphold the stock exchange’s decision to cancel Ozone’s “shares” securities.

And the company “Ozon” in an official statement said that it intends to appeal the decision of the management of the exchange on this issue for the second time within two weeks.

And the company said in its filings, “We have the right to appeal the delisting decision again, and within the next two weeks we will go to the next court of appeal – the Nasdaq Listing Hearings and Review Board – to review the delisting decision. solution.”

The company confirmed that the committee’s decision does not affect the company’s listing on the Moscow Exchange, as well as its operations or financial stability.

The company received a response from the NASDAQ committee to its appeal yesterday, Tuesday, June 6, as the committee supported the decision to cancel the exchange’s management.

And Nasdaq announced in March last year that it had notified Ozon, Yandex, Headhunter and Qiwi that it would soon delist its securities, all of which later appealed the decision.

And the New York Stock Exchange, in turn, reported that it had made a similar decision regarding the securities of the online real estate search service Cian.

Source: TASS

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