Greece allows seized Iranian oil tanker to resume navigation

The Greek port police said that “a tanker with Iranian oil, seized in mid-April at the request of the United States, will be able to resume sailing.”

And the Fars Iranian news agency, citing the Greek media, reported that “the tanker, which was in the port of Karystos in the south of the island of Evia, headed on Sunday to the port of Piraeus, where the captain and company will be called in the next few hours to present certificates of seaworthiness” .

The diplomatic source explained that the locomotive company’s debts had been paid off, adding that Athens “hopes Tehran will quickly release the two Greek oil tankers it seized.”

And the Iranian Ports Corporation announced that “the Greek government has decided to release the Iranian ship and return the oil to its owner.”

“The release of the ship was due to Iran’s swift action, despite Washington’s attempts to seize it,” she said.

Source: “Tariffs”

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