Israeli media: Bennett is considering leaving politics

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation Kan reported that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is considering retiring from political life days before the curtain falls on his one-year-old government.

The commission added that “Bennett held consultations today on his political future and preparations for a handover of power to Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid.”

And last Monday, Bennett and Lapid announced in a joint statement their agreement to dissolve the Knesset, with Lapid taking over as prime minister for a transitional period ending in early elections.

The decision came after the Bennett-led coalition lost its parliamentary majority, meaning its inability to legislate in the Knesset (parliament), as well as the successive divisions and splits within the parties involved in the ideologically diverse coalition.

According to the channel, Bennet told his aides that he was “considering retiring in the coming days.”

According to him, if he decides to take the post of alternative prime minister, it will be only in order to help Lapid in ensuring security.

People who spoke to Bennett concluded that he would not run in the upcoming elections.

Source: “Sputnik”

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