Government spokesman: Tunisia borrows to consume and negotiations with IMF are difficult

A spokesman for the Tunisian government said the money the government is seeking from the International Monetary Fund will be used for new projects, noting that Tunisia has to borrow to be consumed.

Government spokesman Nasr El-Din Al-Nusabi added: “These funds that the government is seeking to receive will also be used to allow the private sector to invest in it to create wealth, improve the lives of Tunisians, infrastructure and services. and repayment of debts.

Al-Nusabi emphasized in a statement on the first national channel, which was reported by the media, that “Tunisia is forced to take out loans in order to consume, due to subsidies for fuel and basic materials, the salaries of civil servants and the costs of public institutions, which cannot cover all their needs at a time when they were supposed to bring resources to the state. What needs reform.

Nasr al-Din al-Nusabi described negotiations with the IMF for a loan agreement as difficult, saying that the Fund is very cautious due to Tunisia’s failure to comply with two previous agreements, as a result of which it has lost some of the credibility of the International Monetary Fund.


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