Germans outraged as Kyiv protests ban on Ukrainian flag in Berlin

Twitter users in Germany have criticized Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Andriy Melnyk for condemning Germany’s ban on hoisting the Ukrainian flag on May 8-9 in Berlin, which coincides with the celebration of Victory Day in Russia.

Melnik commented on the decision of the Berlin police to ban the Ukrainian flag again on May 8 and 9 and accused them of “madness”. To glorify someone… Why are you interfering in the sovereignty of our country?

Another added: “Absolutely true… Ukraine has no right to use this day to its advantage.”

One said, “Do you want us to decorate Berlin with tens of thousands of Ukrainian flags?”

Another added: “I would like to thank the Berlin police for this wonderful decision.”

Another commenter wrote: “Mr. Melnyk, you have no right to condemn political decisions in Germany, or even to publicly condemn and insult the executive branch of the German police… You and your private group are responsible for making the crisis take place in Ukraine.”

It should be noted that the authorities of Berlin for the second year in a row banned the hoisting of the Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian flags on May 8 and 9, timed to coincide with the celebration of Victory Day in World War II in Russia.

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