Gargash: The human dimension in the UAE’s relations with the world is an integral part of our identity

On Saturday, Anwar Gargash, diplomatic adviser to the President of the Emirates, said the human dimension in the UAE’s relationship with the ocean and the world is an integral part of his country’s identity.

Gargash confirmed in a tweet on Twitter that UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s Fazaa and his directives to support the people of Sudan and Pakistan and provide relief to flood victims, Fazaa is the leader who has always stood at the top of his priorities.

Anwar Gargash noted that every Emirati has the right to be proud of the successful journey of his country.

The diplomatic adviser posted a tweet on Thursday in which he said his country is pushing to strengthen its pioneering economic model, which has received positive reviews promising a prosperous future.

He added that there are many positive indicators for the UAE economy, which are “encouraging indicators that prove the strength and health of our economic approach.”

The adviser said that “the positive performance of the UAE economy, including the volume of non-oil foreign trade exceeding one trillion dirhams in the first half of this year, and the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange” issued Arab stock exchanges with purchase and sale transactions for foreign investors last year , are encouraging indicators and prove the strength and soundness of our economic approach.”

He added: “They are determined to strengthen the leading economic model through competitive and transparent policies, diversify the economy, attract investment and keep pace with technological development.”

He pointed out in context that the economic path is at the heart of the UAE’s directions and that development is a strategic choice, adding, “Expect more positives and be optimistic about a prosperous future.”

Source: RT + Twitter

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