Four people injured in Chebykino due to Ukrainian bombardment.

The governor of the Belgorod region of Russia, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said that as a result of intensive shelling by the Ukrainian army of the border town of Shchebykino, 4 people were injured.

Gladkov wrote on his Telegram page: “Today, the city of Chebykino came under intense shelling from the Ukrainian forces. The first shelling did not lead to casualties and destruction. The second shelling led to the explosion of one of the bombs. near 3 residential buildings with broken windows and damaged balconies. There are 4 wounded.”

He added that two of the wounded would be transferred to the central hospital of the region, two more refused hospitalization.

He added that emergency services and the head of the affected area are now working at the scene.

The city of Chebykino is located 4 km from the border with Ukraine. The population is about 40 thousand people. The city is constantly bombed by Ukraine. Last Saturday, as a result of Ukrainian bombing, a school and a shopping center were destroyed, and a local resident was seriously injured. And since April 11, 2022, a terrorist threat system has been operating throughout the Belgorod Region.

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