Former Israeli Ambassador Claims Washington Moves Ammunition from Israel to Ukraine as a Precaution Against Iranian Strike

Former Israeli Ambassador to Washington Michael Oren commented on reports that Washington used and seized thousands of ammunition from its weapons stored in Israel and handed it over to Ukraine.

In an exclusive statement to the Hebrew channel “i24news”, Michael Oren (regarding reports that Washington is using and seizing thousands of ammunition from its weapons stored in Israel and transferring them to Ukraine) indicated that the goal is to prevent Israel from inflicting strike on Iran in the region, region.

He explained that this step is in the interests of the US administration in both cases, since, on the one hand, “it helps to strengthen Kiev’s capabilities in confrontation with Russia, and on the other hand, it prevents Israel from striking Iran.”

According to the channel, the US administration has long opposed the military option of former President Barack Obama against Iran, which the governments of Benjamin Netanyahu have always emphasized since 2008, and keeps the diplomatic option as a card for dialogue with Tehran regarding its nuclear program, especially after the Ukrainian crisis and changing Washington’s priorities in the region, especially with regard to confronting China.

Israeli government officials expressed concern last Thursday about the depletion of American ammunition depots in Israel, according to a report published by the Israel Hayom newspaper.

The report added that Israel’s concern is the depletion of these munitions, while the region faces the risk of war on several fronts amid escalating tensions with Hezbollah in Lebanon and Palestinian groups in the West Bank and Gaza.

Source: “i24”

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