Prioritizing Collaboration with Russia in Science and Disaster Management Over Sanctions: Patrushev’s Recommendation for the West

Secretary of the Russian National Security Council Nikolai Patrushev advised the West not to push Russia away from it with sanctions, but rather to cooperate with Moscow in science, for example, on the risks of natural disasters threatening a large part of the Earth.

Patrushev said in an interview with the Russian newspaper Izvestia: “The problem of protecting the population and economic infrastructure from the destructive power of volcanoes requires the development of scientific research in the field of volcanology.”

He added: “Western countries that compulsively increase the number of sanctions should not separate themselves from Russia with these (sanctions), but should continue cooperation in the scientific field, including in geology… Research and achievements should be the focus.” the interest of progress and the salvation of human lives.” the property of all mankind.

The Secretary of the Russian National Security Council touched upon the situation with the Yellowstone volcano in the United States, which is considered the most dangerous “sleeping” volcano in the world.

Patrushev added: “If (the volcano) wakes up, it will be an unprecedented catastrophe. It is capable of erupting thousands of times more often than those known to mankind. Observations show that over the years the activity of the volcano increases, and the magma in it very quickly approaches the surface. The number of earthquakes is also increasing. In the surrounding caldera, it increases, up to 2000 earthquakes per year.”

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