Five civilians killed in armed attack in northern Burkina Faso

Five civilians were killed when gunmen attacked a military detachment in Barsaloga in northern Burkina Faso on Sunday, the army said.

The Army Chief of Staff said in a statement that “on Sunday morning, fighting took place between members of the Barsalogu military detachment and an armed terrorist group that attacked the detachment’s headquarters.”

He added that in parallel with the shelling of the headquarters of the detachment in the same area, “another terrorist group attacked civilians.”

He pointed out that “five civilians, including a child” were killed in the attack and “eight wounded soldiers evacuated for medical treatment” fell.

The army explained that air and ground operations were subsequently carried out to track down the attackers, noting that “airstrikes were aimed at groups of attackers who were trying to retreat to a terrorist base located in Bangmyogo, near Barsalogu.”

The statement confirmed the “neutralization of a number of terrorists”, but did not specify their numbers, and also emphasized the “destruction of the material and technical base” to which the jihadists were trying to withdraw.

Source: AFP

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