Demonstration in front of the White House in defense of the right to abortion

About 1,000 people demonstrated in front of the White House, calling on US President Joe Biden to “get stronger” in defending the right to abortion.

The demonstrators, the vast majority of whom are women, chanted “My body, my choice!” His home is located in the state of Delaware, hundreds of kilometers from the capital.

However, the absence of the president did not deter the 37-year-old woman, who asked not to be named, from coming to the White House neighborhood and said she was asking the president to “fix this thing,” adding that she refuses to go back to what was applied “my grandmother’s days.”

And he felt that “the executive order he issued is not enough,” citing a text signed by the US president on Friday that includes limited measures related to selective abortion of pregnancies.

Behind her, demonstrators hung 1,600 green ribbons on the Pennsylvania Avenue fence to commemorate Argentine women’s struggle for abortion rights.

“He really needs to use all of his executive power to ensure that women keep their rights,” said Kristin, 50.

“I’m here so my daughters don’t go back 50 years to the days of clandestine abortions,” said Kristen, a mother of three.

Shortly after the demonstrators left the site, they were replaced by tourists who rushed to take pictures of banners hanging up as the rain began to wash away.

Since the Conservative-dominated Supreme Court struck down the nationwide right to abortion on June 24, Biden has been accused of not upholding the decision with the necessary firmness.

Biden emphasizes that his executive power is limited and that federal legislation provides the quickest way to restore women’s right to abortion, urging Americans to elect legislators who support that right in upcoming elections.

Source: AFP.

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