First reaction in Egypt to controversial price of imported chicken

The Importers Department of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce responded to the importation of a kilogram of frozen poultry without intestines at 3 pounds and selling it to citizens at a price of 96 to 130 pounds.

Syed Al-Nawawi, a member of the importers department and one of the importers of meat from foreign markets, said that Egypt annually imports large quantities of frozen poultry without intestines from Brazil.

An employee of the importers department, in response to importing a kilogram of frozen poultry from Brazil at 3 pounds per kilogram and selling it at 96 pounds, explained that this hadith is not true, and that the import price is 96 pounds as the lowest price in stores that welcome Ramadan. which sell goods at a reduced price, and the sale price for the consumer starts from 105 pounds and goes up to 130 pounds, especially given the high market price and Albania’s kilogram, reaching more than 200 pounds.

An employee of the importers department noted that the price of imported meat varies from one seller to another depending on the period during which the product goes on sale. If it cannot be stored for more than two months, then the price is low, and if it is suitable for storage up to 6 months or more, the price is high.

An importers officer pointed to a lull in the meat market in Egypt, especially due to price inflation and a decrease in the purchasing power of citizens.

And a number of citizens posted the prices of gutless frozen poultry on social media, saying it costs £3 per kilogram on Alibaba’s global trading platform.

Sameh Al-Sayed, Head of Poultry at the Giza Chamber of Commerce, previously revealed that gutless frozen poultry is offered at the Welcome to Ramadan exhibitions at £90 or more, a relief to citizens, and offers frozen poultry at the Egyptian market. are not new and these items offered at the Welcome Ramadan shows are 100% Egyptian industry.

The head of the poultry department of the Giza Chamber said that 100,000 tons of frozen white chicken were offered at outlets at prices 35% lower than in foreign markets, and the frozen chicken is about 1 kg net weight, and it is registered at outlets in agreement with chambers of commerce at a price of £90, and the price of frozen poultry reaches the level of £120 and more in foreign markets.

In Egypt, there has been a big controversy on social media over the destruction of the poultry industry and its rearing after the country resorted to importing frozen chicken to fill a shortage in the market.

Source: Cairo 24

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