FC Barcelona Coach Javi Hernandez Dissatisfied with Match Against Getafe: A Controversial Start to the Spanish Championship

Javi Hernandez expresses dissatisfaction with FC Barcelona’s match against Getafe

Javi Hernandez, coach of FC Barcelona, ​​expressed dissatisfaction with the course of his team’s match against Getafe (0-0), which took place on Sunday. This match marked the beginning of their campaign to defend the championship of Spain.

Red Cards for Rafinha and Jaime Mata

In the match, Brazilian striker Rafinha of Barcelona was sent off in the 42nd minute for attacking Getafe player Gaston Alvarez without the ball. On the other hand, Getafe striker Jaime Mata received a second yellow card in the 57th minute.

Xavi’s Expulsion and Protest

Xavi himself was sent off for protesting the referee’s decision not to count the foul in favor of a substitute Moroccan striker Abdel Samad Al Zalzouli in the 70th minute. In a televised address, Xavi said, “We have to criticize ourselves. In the first half, we did not play very well, but in the second period, despite the numerical deficit, we showed a satisfactory level.”

Criticizing the Referee’s Decisions

Continuing his remarks, Xavi added, “We were brave and everyone can see the controversial play in this match, and I don’t need to say anything more.” He further stated, “As for my expulsion, I say that one day at a meeting with the judging committee, we were told that they would try to protect us as coaches, but they did the exact opposite of what they said they would do.”

Xavi’s Comments on Getafe and Time Management

Xavi expressed his frustration with the referee’s decisions and stated, “I told the referee that he considers Getafe made a lot of mistakes, unlike what happens to us, and that is what prompted him to send me off.” Xavi concluded by saying, “It’s a shame. We need effective time in football. The actual time wasted by Getafe was not taken into account. Unfortunately, we make ourselves a bunch of fools.”

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