Bandai Namco Games’ Tekken 8: Release Date Approaching? | South Korean Ratings and Gameplay Features Revealed

Bandai Namco Games’ Tekken 8 Rated in South Korea

According to recent ratings in South Korea, it appears that the release of Bandai Namco Games’ Tekken 8 may be approaching soon. Typically, this kind of rating happens when development is nearing completion. In South Korea, the game has received a 15 rating, which is typical for fighting games in the region.

Story and Characters

Tekken 8 is currently being developed for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S, and centers around the clash between father and son: Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama. A lot has changed since the events of Tekken 7, with Heihachi Mishima being killed and Jin now mastering his devil powers.

Gameplay Features

In terms of gameplay, Tekken 8 introduces the Heat system. Players can activate this system once per round, granting their character enhanced abilities and the ability to perform new and more damaging attacks, as well as extended juggle combos. Rage Arts also make a comeback, although Rage Drives have essentially been replaced by Heat Smash.

Tekken 8 does not yet have a confirmed release date.

[Source – Twisted Voxel]

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