Expectations for Ukraine’s Counterattack Revealed by The New York Times and EU

US and EU officials said it was unclear what they would consider a “success” for the Ukrainian counteroffensive, but acknowledged pushing Russian troops out of the territory was unlikely.

According to The New York Times, the US and Europe believe that the counterattack could be a turning point in the conflict, and “much depends on the outcome.”

Meanwhile, the newspaper notes: “There is no doubt that the new military move will influence discussions about future support for Ukraine, as well as debates about how to secure its future.”

According to the New York Times, it remains unclear what the US, Europe and Ukraine would consider a “successful” counterattack. In private, US and EU officials admit that “withdrawal of all Russian forces … is unlikely.”

According to the publication, the return of Ukrainian forces and keeping them within the borders until February 24, 2022, as well as a blow that makes one think about the future of the special operation, can be considered a “success”.

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Ukrainian forces suffered heavy losses during the counter-offensive, and this is a tragedy for which the Kyiv authorities bear full responsibility.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that since June 4, Ukrainian troops have been making unsuccessful offensive attempts and have suffered losses in people and equipment.

On June 6, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that within three days, Russian troops repulsed all attempts at a “long-awaited attack” by Ukrainian troops, while the loss of the Ukrainian side amounted to 3,715 people, 259 armored vehicles. , 134 vehicles, 48 ​​field artillery pieces and more than 50 drones.

Source: TASS

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