Car agencies from Germany, America, Japan, and China fined by Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Trading Company imposed financial fines on 10 automobile agencies that violated the agency system and rules for its application, including a German agency that did not provide a spare part with special specifications within the deadline.

These violations were extended to the above departments in various regions of the Kingdom, among which were violations of the provisions for maintenance, provision of spare parts, quality assurance, as well as their failure to provide after-sales service to the consumer.

In the details of the infringements, the German agency did not undertake to provide a spare part with special technical characteristics within 14 days of the consumer’s request for it.

It also included two American automobile agencies. The violation of the first agency was to delay the repair of the consumer’s car and the failure to provide the required part in the local market, and the violation of the second agency was the failure to inform the consumer about the defects of the car sold. vehicle at the time of sale.

The Ministry also fined 3 Japanese automobile agencies, the first for delaying the provision of a spare part to the consumer within the legal period of 14 days from the time of his request, and the second for delaying maintenance work and not providing an alternative vehicle to the consumer or providing him with monetary compensation for the period of non-use of the vehicle. means, and the third body, Errors were made in diagnosing a malfunction due to a failure to properly inspect the consumer vehicle.

Fines were imposed on 4 Chinese automobile agencies, the first for delaying the delivery of a new 2023 car to a consumer beyond the agreed time, and the remaining three agencies committed violations for non-compliance with the provision of spare parts in rare demand.

Source: Okaz

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