Exciting statements from Egypt’s historic coach: "Mohamed Salah did nothing for the national team"

Hassan Shehata, Egypt’s historic manager, opened fire on Liverpool star Mohamed Salah in his first appearance since his absence.

Shehata appeared in a telephone interview with the Match program on the Echo of the Country channel, where he opened fire on the current system of Egyptian football.

Hassan Shehata said: “Mohamed Salah is a star of world stars given what he has to offer at Liverpool but he has done nothing for the Egyptian national team and he has to do better.”

He continued: “All the teams that Egypt meets in Africa, as soon as Mohamed Salah gets the ball, 3 players press him and here the coach has to make room for Salah.”

And he continued: “Mohamed Salah in a lot of matches was not in the right image with the Egyptian national team, and this was very clear.”

And on the sacking of Ihab Galal as Egypt coach less than two months after he took over the Portuguese Carlos Queiroz, who is currently negotiating with the Egyptian Football Association for his return, Shehata has completely criticized the issue.

He added, “Ihab Jalal suffered injustice and they contracted him in a difficult situation. He didn’t have time to do three drills to play two official matches and then face South Korea in a friendly match, all of which were random.”

And he added: “There is a lot of randomness in the choice of a coach, and it is completely unconvincing to sign a coach who has not won a local or African championship.”

He continued: “Queiroz is not like Hector Cooper, we said that the latter plays defensively to achieve a certain goal, reach the final of Africa and the World Cup, and achieved this, but we signed him as a courtesy because his agent agent of the big star in Mohamed Salah’s team.”

He concluded by saying: “If I talk about what is happening in the last period in Egyptian football in relation to the national team and the coach, I will overstep the right of many because there must be a plan for the development of Egyptian football, especially since we have played the league for two years, as well as the Egyptian Cup, and there is a lot of randomness in all competitions.

Notably, Hassan Shehata is the historical coach of the Egyptian national team as he led the Pharaohs to 3 consecutive African Cup of Nations titles in 2006, 2008, and 2010.

Source: “Egyptian Media”

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