The International Skateboarding Federation temporarily lifts the ban on entry into Russia

Today, on Monday, the International Skating Federation decided to suspend the suspension imposed on Russia for technical reasons, while noting that the ban is planned to be reinstated next month.

“This step has been taken (solely for official reasons),” Andreas Trautvetter, president of the German Bobsleigh Federation and vice president of the International Bobsleigh Federation, told German radio station Deutschlandfunk on Sunday.

The Executive Committee of the International Skating Federation decided to suspend Russia’s participation in the sport in early March following a Russian special operation in Ukraine.

However, after the revision of the federation’s charter, decision-making power was given to the members of the general meeting of the federation instead of the executive committee.

A two-thirds majority is now needed at the federation’s general assembly, scheduled for July 13 in the Swiss city of Lausanne, to implement the decision again.

Source: “Agency”

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