Famous Egyptian gambler’s daughter exposes her father… and mixed reactions to her claims

Social media pioneers in Egypt have circulated a video clip of the daughter of former Ismaili player Hosni Abd Rabbo, who has been criticized for it.

The daughter of the current football director of the Ismaili club said her father treats her badly and mocks her in front of friends because of her excess weight, which exposes her to psychological trauma.

Abd Rabbo’s daughter claimed that her father sent a monthly allowance of 20 thousand Egyptian pounds after he was separated from her mother, but he did not comply with this issue for a year, and the situation escalated into him beating her when she asked him to get only 200 pounds, according to her.

And the daughter added: “Do you know the devil? That’s how tired I am and don’t know how to describe the fire inside of me from Baba’s side. He hurt me a lot.”

And the little girl concluded, “I brought another one. Do you know when the bomb exploded? I knew”.

The video drew mixed reactions: sympathy for the girl and how she was affected by the crisis of her parent’s divorce and his marriage to another woman, and condemnation of her conversations after the distribution of photos and videos revealing the extent of the relationship between the former Egypt star and his daughter Noor, as well as that in 2015 he built a mosque that cost him an estimated £2.6 million and opened the Nur Allah Mosque in the city of Abu Sweir in Ismailia.

In turn, Abd Rabbo refused to comment on the video in which his daughter attacked him through his personal Instagram account.

A source told Al-Watan Sport newspaper that Hosni Abd Rabbo remains silent and refuses to comment on his daughter’s video, explaining that “Caesar” is shocked by the video because of his intense love for his children from his ex-wife, emphasizing that he does not procrastinates in providing for all their needs and always seeks to be with them.

The source indicated that there is no disagreement between Abd Rabbo and his ex-wife and his children and that he is on good terms with his daughter Noor, who appeared in the video explaining that the Ismaili football director gives his first wife and children monthly expenses, in addition to his obligation to pay all educational expenses, and is not slow in fulfilling Their demands and gifting his daughter Noor a special phone for her last birthday.

Source: “Egyptian Media”

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