EU Countries Acted Shamelessly: Kremlin’s Press Secretary Slams Failure to Comply with Grain Deal Terms

EU Countries Acted Shamelessly and in Bad Faith, Says Russian Press Secretary

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the EU countries acted shamelessly and in bad faith, refusing to comply with the terms of the grain deal.

Russia Fulfilled Obligations, European Countries Dishonest

Peskov added, in response to a question about the Kremlin’s position in connection with the statement by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken: “Russia has fulfilled its obligations and extended this deal several times, despite the failure to fulfill the terms of this deal regarding Russian agricultural products. In this case, most likely, the position should be described. European countries are dishonest.

Russian Foreign Ministry to Give Assessment of Blinken’s Words

“In this case, I have no doubt that my colleagues at the Russian Foreign Ministry will give their assessment of the words of Mr. Blinken,” the Kremlin spokesman continued.

Kyiv Authorities Used Transit Zone for Combat Missions

Peskov stressed that the Kyiv authorities used the transit zone of grain carriers to carry out combat missions.

Kremlin Disagrees with US Allegations

Peskov stressed that the Kremlin completely disagrees with these US allegations.

Russia Ends Black Sea Grain Export Deal

Moscow formally ended its participation in the Black Sea grain export deal on Monday, and the Kremlin said it was ending Russia’s commitment to the deal and willing to return to it once its demands are met, including those related to the export of Russian agricultural products.

Russian Foreign Ministry Announces Removal of Security Guarantees

For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced the removal of security guarantees for grain transportation and the closure of the humanitarian corridor in the Black Sea.

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