US President Joe Biden and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to Meet, but Full Invitation to Oval Office Still Pending

Netanyahu’s Invitation to Visit Washington


Although Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced that it had received an invitation to visit Washington after contacting US President Joe Biden, the US media believed that what happened was “an arrangement for a meeting that is not an invitation.”

Details of the Meeting

And CNN quoted the White House as confirming that US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet “probably” before the end of the year, in a move to ease tensions, but that’s not the case. yet less than the full invitation to the Oval Office that Netanyahu has been seeking for a long time.

“They agreed that they would meet, possibly before the end of this year, and all the details of the place and time are still being worked out,” said John Kirby, director of strategic communications for the US National Security Council.

He later announced that the meeting would take place in the fall in the United States.

Netanyahu’s Positive Response

On Monday evening, Netanyahu’s office reported that the US president had invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit Washington.

The statement said that Biden invited Netanyahu to the upcoming meeting in the US and the Prime Minister responded positively to the invitation, and it was agreed that the Israeli and US teams would agree on the details of the meeting.


Source: CNN

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