Russia’s response to Koran burning leaves a lasting impact on Iraq

The official representative of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Ahmed al-Sahaf, said in an interview with a Novosti correspondent that Iraq was strongly influenced by Russia’s position regarding the incident with the burning of a copy of the Koran in Sweden.

The Iraqi spokesman added: “We are very impressed with Russia’s stance on the horrific Koran burning incident in Sweden, which was hostile to Islam.”

Al-Sahaf stressed that the Russian position played an important role in condemning the incident that took place in Sweden.

He said: “We believe that Russia’s position stems from the context of rejection of any manifestations of violence and religious intolerance.”

It is noteworthy that the incident with the desecration and burning of the Koran in Stockholm during the celebration of Eid al-Adha caused a very noisy reaction in many countries of the world.

Iraq called on the Swedish authorities to hand over the Iraqi immigrant who committed this heinous act for trial as large numbers of Iraqis gathered to protest outside the Swedish embassy in Baghdad.

The incident was also condemned by Algeria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Uzbekistan, as well as many Arab and Islamic organizations. The foreign ministries of Jordan and the Emirates summoned the Swedish ambassadors to the two countries to present them with a note of protest.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the impunity of those involved in this incident could lead to serious and unpredictable consequences, and the international community must resist such illegal actions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a visit to the old Friday mosque in Derbent, Dagestan that disrespect for the Koran is a crime in Russia, unlike some other countries.

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