Elon Musk Shares His Secret to Productivity and the Value of Time

American billionaire Elon Musk said that he sleeps only six hours a night and works seven days a week, emphasizing that “time is the only real currency.”

Speaking to the American television channel CNBC, Musk said: “Time is the only real currency,” noting that it was for this reason that he decided to step down as the CEO of the social network Twitter, and the businessman plans to focus on him other Tesla companies. and SpaceX.

Musk says he only needs 6 hours of sleep, confirming that he tried to sleep less, but then felt a decrease in productivity, working seven days a week and resting only two to three days a year.

Earlier, businessman Elon Musk announced the appointment of Linda Jacarino, director of global advertising sales for NBC, as CEO of his company Twitter.

On his Twitter account, Musk wrote, “I’m thrilled to welcome Linda Iaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter!”

Source: News + RT

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