Investor Jim Rogers predicts the decline of the US dollar as the world’s dominant currency marks the end of America’s era.

Well-known American investor Jim Rogers said that the US dollar is starting to lose its position as the leading currency in the world, because the US has the largest debt in the world and its currency is no longer neutral.

“People are starting to abandon the dollar, especially because the United States is the most indebted country in history,” Rogers said, commenting on the future use of the dollar.

He added: “Many have begun to wonder if they want to use this currency because it may have problems in the future. As you know, the international currency must be completely neutral. But now Washington is changing the rules of the game. and if they get angry with you, they can separate you from him.”

Today, according to the investor, even US-friendly countries recognize the possibility of such restrictions being applied to them. “Therefore, many friends of America are now looking for something that could compete with the dollar. And this process is accelerating as many American partners fear that something could happen to them,” he said.

Rogers believes that the world has not yet found an equivalent alternative or even competitor to the US dollar. According to the American investor, the Chinese yuan can play such a role, but it is not a completely freely convertible currency.

He concluded, “So I don’t know what it will be, but the world is moving. Many of America’s friends are trying to find something that can compete with the dollar and eventually replace it. It will happen. It always happens. time will end. The time of the American dollar is coming to an end.”

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