Disclosure of the list of goods prohibited for transit to Kaliningrad

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Kaliningrad region has published a list of goods subject to a ban on rail transit from Russian regions to the region through the territory of Lithuania.

The list includes household electrical appliances worth more than 750 euros, as well as musical instruments worth more than 1,000 euros each.

The list also includes various vehicles (other than ambulances) used to transport people by land, air or sea, valued at over €50,000, chair lifts, funicular traction mechanisms, and motorcycles valued over €5,000 each. Including , in addition to its accessories and spare parts. In addition, the list includes many luxury items, art and antiques, billiards and bowling equipment, golf equipment. The list also includes thoroughbreds, caviar, truffles, cigars and perfumes.

The list includes industrial equipment, tools and machines for production, as well as building materials. In general, the list of 66 papers published by the Ministry of Industry and Trade repeats the list of sanctioned goods that cannot be exported from EU countries to Russia.

Source: TASS

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