Poll warns of Israel’s return to political paralysis after new elections

An opinion poll released today Tuesday by Israel’s 103FM radio showed that another round of elections will end without either bloc being able to form a stable government backed by at least 61 MPs.

The poll showed that the camp supporting Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu could win 59 seats, of which 36 would go to Likud, 10 to Religious Zionism, 7 to Shas and 6 to United Torah Judaism.

The poll showed a slight increase in the strength of the Likud party, as well as the strength of the Yamina party and the Religious Zionism alliance, while various parties other than Meretz maintained their strength. compared to previous public opinion polls.

On the other hand, the currently ruling so-called “change camp” won 55 seats, and Meretz failed to pass the electoral threshold.

The places were distributed as follows: “Yesh Atid” received 20 seats, “Avoda” 7 seats, “Kahol Lavan” 8 seats, “Yamina” 7 seats, “Israel Beiteinu” 5 seats, “Tikva Hadshah” 4 seats. belong to any camp, received 6 places.

Source: Israeli media

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