The gripping story of Senegalese star Manet in Qatar

Khaled Al-Namah, spokesman for the High Committee on Delivery and Legacy, in charge of organizing the World Cup in Qatar, tweeted a series of tweets telling a gripping story about Senegalese star Sadio Mane.

The events of that story refer to 2019 during the stay of the Liverpool team in Qatar to participate in the Club World Cup, which the English team won at the expense of the Brazilian Flamengo.

Al-Nama reported that at that time the Senegalese asked for a small mosque to be provided to him, on the condition that it would not be overcrowded and that its imam be a Senegalese.

Al-Namah said: “I have often hesitated to reveal this situation, especially since I do not want to share scenes of my work, although my tendency to encourage Liverpool is not hidden from anyone (as I believe), but with confirmation about the transfer of Sadio Mane from ” Liverpool to Bayern Munich, I trust that God will share this story with you: my story of Sadio Mane’s amazing request.

He continued: “My goals for this testimonial: Sadio Mane is not getting his share of the credit, I hope to do my part to give him the value he deserves so that this story will help us all for the good.”

He continued: “During the winter of 2019, the Club World Cup competitions in Doha almost came to an end after Flamengo (December 17) and Liverpool (December 18) reached the final, which was scheduled for Saturday, December 21.”

And he continued: “At about eight-thirty on Friday, December 20 (the night of the final), I got a call from a foreign work colleague, he: Hello Khaled, me: Yes, hello, Him: Sorry to disturb. you, me: Never! How can I serve you?, He: I want to help you with a small request, Me: Okay? What is it?, My colleague continued: Now I will create a WhatsApp group that will bring me and you together with a representative of Liverpool FC in order to agree on the creation of a small mosque, provided that it is not overcrowded and its imam is Senegalese! Me: Why are there a lot of mosques around the team’s residence?!, He: It’s about Sadio Mane!”

He added: “At about 9:45 am, after a bunch of calls, I actually made it to a small mosque in one of the villages outside of Doha in the north. I got the imam’s number and took the initiative to call him. The call lasted about 5 minutes. One minute it was peace, greeting and getting to know the imam, and 4 minutes I was trying. Introduce him to Manet as he never knew him!”

And he continued: “At first the imam hesitated because the mosque was private, but he reluctantly agreed after my growing insistence. I returned to the WhatsApp group again to break the news to these two men and ask the club rep if I wanted to go this far on the night of the match instead of going to the nearest mosque.”

He added: “After questioning, a representative of the club explained to me that Sadio Mane really wants when he has the opportunity to meet with any imam from Senegal during his foreign trips with the club to pray with him, purchase tickets with him and ask him about the conditions Senegalese community in the country in which they met, and he would not hesitate to help if the imam complained about the conditions of the community.

Uncle Al-Nama added, “I sent him the address of the mosque in conversation and wished them success. Later I learned that Sadio Mane was able to visit another mosque through the representatives of the Senegalese community in Doha.”

He added: “The next day, Saturday 21 December 2019, Liverpool won the Club World Cup and I felt ashamed to criticize Sadio Mane during Liverpool matches until today, regardless of his level.”

Al-Namah concluded his speech by saying, “Thank you Sadio, because you are a wonderful person as much as you are a wonderful player … even more!”

Sadio Mane will leave Liverpool to join Bayern Munich after a career full of titles and achievements since 2016, where the Senegalese star played 269 games for the Reds from the 2016-2017 season until now when he moved to ” Enfield Castle from Southampton.

Source: twitter/alnaamak

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