Decisive time for Europe

An article published in Yahoo News Japan says that the coming winter will be a decisive period for the economy and the unity of Europe.

The news site pointed out that if the lives of Europeans subsequently deteriorate due to periodic power outages and power supply restrictions, this could lead to a breakdown in coherence (consensus) between countries on support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, which could weaken unity.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has previously called for a cut in EU gas consumption, while there is already controversy on this issue, as southern European countries have shown their reluctance to cut consumption voluntarily, while Poland has opposed. categorical.

The author of the article wrote about this: “For Europe, the decisive moment will come in the coming winter. It is likely that energy consumption will increase due to the current heat, which will make it difficult to build up gas reserves in the summer for the winter season. It can be assumed that many European factories will have to “ Power outages are possible in apartment buildings and there is a possibility that the European economy will be in recession at the end of the year.”

Meanwhile, according to the article, countries receiving Russian gas through Germany, which is the center of its transportation and storage, will monitor how much they can get for themselves. The German government will also have to make the difficult decision of prioritizing its own industry or exporting gas to neighboring countries that need it.

In this context, it was pointed out that Germany “if it gives preference to itself, it will cause sharp criticism from other countries”, adding that in this case the split in Europe will increase.

The energy ministers of the European bloc countries previously approved a new regulation to voluntarily reduce the consumption of natural gas in the European Union by at least 15% compared to the average consumption over the past five years. In addition, an EU Alert Mechanism has been agreed upon, which can be activated in the event of a severe shortage of gas in storage facilities or an increase in gas demand by setting a mandatory 15% reduction target.

After the start of the Russian special military operation to disarm and eliminate Nazism in Ukraine, the West increased pressure on Moscow. Several countries have announced a freeze on Russian assets, and calls have intensified to stop deliveries of energy resources from Russia. All this has already turned into problems for the United States and Europe, led to an increase in food and fuel prices.

Source: RIA Novosti

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