Congressional Research Center offers "help" Central Asian countries will reduce their dependence on Russia

Experts from the US Congressional Research Center offered the US ways and methods of “assistance” to the countries of Central Asia in order to reduce their dependence on Russia.

Particular attention in the report of the US Congressional Research Center is paid to strengthening relations with Kazakhstan. RT saw a copy of it.

Congressional Research Service experts emphasize that Kazakhstan is a partner of the United States in such areas as the fight against terrorism, ensuring regional security and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. At the same time, Kazakhstan is seeking political reforms in the face of a number of domestic and international challenges.

According to the report, “Congress may consider ways to advance the relationship between the United States and Kazakhstan given the changing geopolitics and how the United States can effectively support the transition to democracy in Kazakhstan.”

In addition, according to the report, some analysts see Kazakhstan as a potential opportunity for Russia to evade sanctions, while Kazakh officials say they intend to comply with US and European sanctions.

Earlier, the US State Department planned to allocate funds to “strengthen cultural, educational and professional relations” with Kazakhstan.

Source: RT

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