The volume of trade between Russia and India .. in whose favor the trade balance wins?

India’s Ministry of Industry and Trade said on Friday that trade between Russia and India in the first five months of the fiscal year, which begins in India last April, topped $18.2 billion.

According to the Indian Ministry, trade between the two countries between April and August 2022 amounted to $18.229 billion, and with a significant increase in the indicator, Russia has become India’s seventh largest trading partner.

The trade balance is in favor of Russia as Russia’s exports to India amounted to $17.2 billion and Indian exports to Russia reached $992.73 million.

During the specified period (April-August 2022), India imported energy resources and fertilizers from Russia.

By comparison, in the last fiscal year, Russia ranked 25th with a total trade of $13.1 billion.

Source: TASS

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