"Useful boobies"Head of Zelensky’s office criticizes pacifists in the West

Andriy Yermak, head of the office of the President of Ukraine, has sharply criticized Western politicians and businessmen who advocate peace between Russia and Ukraine on grounds that do not correspond to Kyiv’s conditions.

In a Washington Post op-ed Thursday, Yermak accused Russia of “nuclear blackmail” without providing evidence to support the claim.

He continued: “Useful idiots in the West are calling for peace louder and louder. Unfortunately, it seems that someone heard their voice. Former and current politicians and influential businessmen are calling for talks with the Kremlin. peace. In the name of the planet. In the name of humanity. But not in the name of Ukraine, not in the name of justice.”

The assistant to the Ukrainian president considered that the narrative was spreading around the world: “Ukraine must stop trying to return the territory in order to prevent a world war.”

“Ukraine is looking for peace. Ukraine yearns for peace. But our conditions are known. We have repeated them many times,” he said, noting that they include “punishment for the crime of aggression,” “Ukraine’s restoration of its security and territorial integrity,” “guarantees security” and “the determination of the world community” to implement this program.

In early October, Elon Musk, president of Tesla and founder of SpaceX, expressed doubts about Ukraine’s victory in the event of an all-out war with Russia and called on both sides for peace based on the vision of resolving the conflict. which implies a “re-vote” in the Donbass “under the supervision of the UN”, the preservation of Crimea officially as part of Russia and the recognition of the neutral status of Ukraine.

A few days ago, another American billionaire, Bill Ekman, believed that Ukraine should leave Crimea to Russia and refuse to join NATO.

Source: Washington Post.

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