call me "my dad is my favorite"Mortada Mansour meets a runaway player on the street

Egyptian Zamalek club chairman Mortada Mansour has revealed footage of his first meeting with Al-Ahly player Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Qahraba after FIFA imposed a fine on the player.

Mortada Mansour said during television statements: “The last few days I was walking down the street and I met someone who called me Baba Habibi.”

He continued: “I was surprised that this person is Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba, an Al Ahli player.

The President of Zamalek added: “Kahraba is in a real predicament and there is no alternative to paying the fine, and if he goes to jail for 100 years, he will pay the full fine of Zamalek.

And he continued: “The player is calm. If he does not want to pay now, we take our time and wait for the time to pay, but he will pay.”

And the president of the Zamalek club concluded his speech: “Everyone knows the issue of electrification, and what happened to him with a player tied to a contract and escaped, he must bear his punishment, and we will not give up our rights.”

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